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Oticon Alta Hearing Aid Demonstration

You are invited to try the Oticon Alta hearing aid risk free and hear the difference a truly personalized hearing solution can make for you.

Image of Oticon Alta Hearing Aid Promo InfoThis is a chance for you to hear the latest of hearing aid technologies. The Oticon Alta hearing aids powerful hearing technology means better hearing with less fatigue. The Alta uses enhanced speech clarity, directionality, dimensionality, and connectivity that makes its performance so effective.

It works automatically so that you just put it in your ear and wear it. It will automatically adjust to your varying lifestyle sounds.

With Alta, you’ll hear more. Anywhere. Anytime.

Alta is the ultra high-performance hearing aid that is customized specifically for you. Alta’s sound-processing architecture is the most advanced ever. Thick of it as a micro-brain that works in harmony with your brain. Your personal sound preferences are actually used by the Alta chip so you can differentiate sounds and hear with more clarity. Even in difficult hearing situations.

This special event entitles you and a loved one to:

  •  RISK-FREE 14-day trial—try it at home and at work!
  • FREE consultation
  • FREE hearing screening
  • FREE listening demonstration
  • FREE 1-year of batteries for purchases made during this event.

This is a great chance for you to hear the latest hearing aid technologies that include the Speech Guard E, YouMatic, Free Focus, Inium feedback shield, and Spatial Sound Premium that shapes the sounds of your life.

Oticon Alta Hearing Aid

Alta CasualMan - Oticon Alta Hearing Aid This is a great hearing aid whether you are someone new to wearing hearing aids or someone who has worn hearing aids for a long time.

You have the great, personalized services of Lakewood Hearing & Speech so you can be assured that you are well cared for. We provide you with the comfortable training that helps you get the most out of your hearing aids. We don’t rush you or push you. We want your experience with us and with the Alta hearing aids to be the most successful for you.

Call to schedule your appointment to try the Oticon Alta.

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