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ReSound Hearing Aids

Image of Resound hearing aids logo Resound Hearing Aids 
ReSound Alera® digital hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to severe hearing losses.

What does it offer?
With ReSound Alera® hearing aids you’ll:

  • Enjoy hearing aids that are small, discreet and comfortable
  • Hear things you haven’t heard for a long time
  • Understand speech even when there’s background noise
  • Enjoy natural-sounding voices and clear, rich, vibrant sound
  • Know where sounds are coming from
  • Have a good sense of what’s going on around you
  • Avoid whistling and buzzing on the phone and elsewhere
  • Keep your hearing aids out of the repair shop with iSolate™ nanotech water-resistant coating
  • Have the option of using ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories for things like watching TV or talking on your cell phone

Which hearing aid models are available?
ReSound Alera® hearing aids are available in six models:

Behind the ear styles:

  • ReSound Alera 60 – smallest in size
  • ReSound Alera 61* – slim, comfortable
  • ReSound Alera 62* – full featured RIE
  • ReSound Alera Fusion BTE *– powerful, versatile
  • ReSound Alera Mini BTE *– small, discreet

In the ear styles:

  • ReSound Alera Custom Remote Microphone ** – more natural hearing, smaller and more comfortable
  • ReSound Alera traditional custom hearing aid**

*Wireless-enabled for use with ReSound Unite™ wireless accessories
** Wireless-enabled in some sizes

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