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Discover a whole new world of better hearing.

Oticon Alta 2013

Image of Oticon Alta KeyholeInside Alta is the new Inium signal processing platform which raises speech understanding to a new level. Inium’s computing power and memory drives a new generation of Oticon features that put your clients at the center of a uniquely personalized hearing experience.

Alta’s new YouMatic fitting technology enables you to create a highly customized solution that matches the client’s unique hearing preferences. The fitting process is designed to proactively include the client’s input and capture their individual needs and preferences right from the start.

Alta offers a complete family of style options, including our popular miniRITE design and all-new process for manufacturing custom solutions. Alta has been redesigned from the ground up for better fit, wear and performance.

With Alta, you can now shape our most advanced hearing technology to fit the unique contours of the individual life of the patient who needs it. It’s what you have always wanted for your patients. With Alta, now you can provide it.

Spatial Sound is an exclusive technology based on the wireless communication between Oticon devices. It overrides the traditional compression to better preserve the naturally occurring between-ear level differences. These level differences maintain the natural binaural cues to spatial orientation of signals and confirm the natural relationship between the sound level on the ear that is closer to the signal and the one that is farther away. This helps the user to more easily place where sounds are coming from.

The Evolution of Spatial Sound

Since the introduction of our original Spatial Sound, Oticon has introduced improvements to this technology to continue to improve spatial awareness for your patients. Spatial Sound 2.0 added binaural noise management and emphasizes the ear with the better signal to noise ratio for improved understanding when necessary. Spatial Sound Premium brings the benefits of Spatial Sound to Alta and the Inium platform and is more customized through Alta’s more personalized fittings.


Speech Guard is an exclusive speech processing technology that manages the dynamic response of the hearing instrument. It more precisely codes information for the brain to process and maintain the subtle and fine characteristics of  speech,  clearly and cleanly. This allows the auditory system to receive more information  in the speech signal. Speech Guard delivers the benefit of comfort and clarity for your patients.

Speech Guard E better preserves the onsets and offsets of words and phonemes. This helps keep voices distinct from one another and separates them more clearly from competing background noises.

Oticon’s feedback shield meets the strict performance criteria of preventing feedback without increasing artifacts, decreasing sound quality, or reducing audibility and speech intelligibility. The Inium feedback shield avoids significant distortion common with other feedback approaches and maintains full, appropriate gain that is crucial for audibility. The gain manager in feedback shield optimizes and ensures audibility even in difficult situations.

Inium feedback shield is designed to prevent whistling and howling by canceling re-amplified output that are looped back into the signal path. The intelligent balance of frequency shifting and phase inversion in feedback shield effectively removes feedback while maintaining the best possible signal fidelity. This supports speech understanding and listener acceptance.

Inium is at the core of the latest generation of Oticon products. Inium delivers exceptional performance, incredibly small size and ultra-low power consumption. The quad-core Inium processor provides the power to exchange real-time information continually and seamlessly between both instruments for a more natural, authentic sound. Inium’s computing power and memory drives a new generation of Oticon features that put your clients at the center of a uniquely personalized hearing experience.

Free Focus directionality adds more choices to the available directionality modes. The new modes are designed to add fitting flexibility and improve speech understanding in groups, crowds and background noise by providing access to the speech signal without compromising comfort and contextual and spatial awareness. All Free Focus modes are designed to make the most of the signal-to-noise performance of the directional microphones while supporting the user’s auditory system to maintain a sense of naturalness.

The YouMatic feature in Alta enables you to factor more personal dimensions of the patient’s listening preferences into the hearing instrument’s  reactions and responses. YouMatic helps address the patient’s unique perception and enjoyment of sound.

The key to this level of personalization is Alta’s signal processing, which performs constant environmental detection and analysis and maps this information to your patient’s hearing abilities, needs and preferences. By combining these inputs, YouMatic can provide real-time adjustment of instrument response times, focus mode, noise management settings, transient management and compression changes to give your patient a highly personalized listening experience.

The Main Comparison Features of the Alta and Alta Pro Hearing Aids

Main Features Oticon Alta Pro Oticon Alta
Speech Guard E
Spatial Sound Premium
Binaural noise Management
Fitting Bandwidth* 10 kHz 10 kHz
Binaural Processing (compression)
Binaural Synchronization (automatics)
Binaural Coordination (push-buttons)
Inium feedback shield
Free Focus
Multi-Band Adaptive Directionality
TriState Noise Management
Power Bass (streaming)
Music Widening (streaming)
Life Learning
5 Personal Profiles
nEARcom Wireless Programming
In-Situ Audiometry
VAC Rationale
NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2, DSL v 5.0a m[i/o]
Adaptation Manager
Activity Analyzer
3 miniFit RITE Receiver Options
ConnectLine Compatible
DAI and FM
*Bandwidth accessible for gain adjustments during fitting.

Oticon Alta 2012

Alta is an opening to better hearing.
Alta is Oticon’s finest hearing aid ever. Alta isa key factor in the premium hearing solution family from Oticon. Alta is built on Oticon’s most advanced digital hearing aid technology and it delivers Oticon’s finest listening performance.

A range of breakthrough features combine to give you enhanced sound quality and reduce the effort required to listen and understand. In short, Alta is Oticon’s best listening experience ever.

Shaped exclusively for you

Image of Oticon Alta Hearing AidBy building up a clear picture of the person you are and how you prefer life to sound, your hearing care professional can ensure you will get the absolute most out of Alta’s advanced technologies and personalized features in more situations. With an Alta shaped exclusively for you, you will enjoy further enhanced sound quality and an even better listening experience, and be able to play a more active part in life

Oticon Agil 2012

Agil is like no other hearing device. It’s designed to improve your ability to hear and understand with reduced cognitive effort, even in difficult listening situations. There’s no need to avoid crowded restaurants, conference rooms or sporting events. No need to turn up the volume on the TV. With Agil, good hearing comes with less effort.

Since you won’t have to work so hard to hear anymore, you’ll have more energy to participate in conversations and your favorite activities.

Agil sets you free by taking the hard work out of hearing.

Agil’s sound processing chip allows it to do things that have been impossible until now.

Its super fast speed means more power to differentiate sounds and more mental energy to understand, remember and participate.

Three unique features work together to make Agil the most advanced hearing device on the market today.

  • Spatial Sound 2.0 – This technology supports the brain’s natural process of understanding speech by adding a binaural noise management system to Oticon’s unique Spatial Sound system.
  • Speech Guard – Automatically adjusts volume level in changing environments without the speech distortions of other compression systems.
  • Connect Plus – Enjoy sound quality like never before when using Streamer with Agil.

It’s time to experience the real you with Agil.
Finally… a hearing solution that transforms the way you live your life.

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