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Hearing Aid Products

Our Hearing Aid Products page will provide basic hearing aid product information with links to detailed information, specs and features of various models of hearing aids.

Image of Oticon Hearing Aids Logo Oticon Hearing Aid Products
It’s time to experience the real you with Agil.

Finally… a hearing solution that transforms the way you live your life.
Oticon Hearing Aid Product Information

Image of Unitron hearing aids LogoUnitron Hearing Aid Products:

Improving lives – one sound at a time
Think smaller. Hear better.
Unitron Hearing Aid Product Information

Starkey Hearing Aid Products
Image of Starkey Hearing Aids logoRestaurants? Cars? Crowds? No Problem
Starkey Hearing Aid Product Information

Image of Siemens Hearing Aids LogoSiemens Hearing Instruments
are Discreet, Innovative and Unique.
Seimens Hearing Aid Product Information:

ReSound Hearing Aids 
Image of Resound hearing aids logo
ReSound Alera® digital hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to severe hearing losses.
ReSound Hearing Aid Product Information


image of a man in a canoeIf you need help with hearing loss issues we are just a phone call away.  Call us today at (303) 988-7299 for a free hearing check or hearing aid consultation.  We can help.

Rest assured that your hearing aids will be the right product, the right fit and right size.

In just a couple weeks you can see positive results in your lifestyle.  It all starts with a phone call, so make the decision to make a change today.