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Hearing aids are to make sounds louder.


Maybe not.

Hearing aids are to help you listen more easily during those times when you have to work harder to hear. That’s what “hear better” is about. It’s not just about  hearing louder.

Image of Rancher leading horse in snow - Hearing Aids DenverEveryone experiences and enjoys sounds differently. That’s one reason there are many different types of hearing aids. Each of them is designed to create the desired sound experience. Determining which hearing instruments create the sound experiences that reflect your individual likes is critical. We can help.

With the appropriate hearing aids and professional fitting, you can have a customized hearing experience that maximizes your hearing abilities for easier listening. You will be able to listen better—more easily.

We know that people like the following from their hearing aids.

  • Automatic, effortless hearing whenever and wherever they want. To reach this goal, we listen to you and your likes.

  • An easily focus on the conversation of the person in front (while suppressing the noises from behind) is important. We know you want to listen to the conversation, not your hearing loss.

  • The ability to select and follow the voice they want to hear. We have hearing aids that allow you to switch your attention from one speaker to another (even in a noisy place)

  • The best speech understanding possible. This makes listening more enjoyable.

  • To hear soft sounds easily and hear loud sounds comfortably.*

Hearing aid technologies are always improving for better hearing and listening. The question comes down to “What is the best hearing aid for me?” The answer is not the same for everyone. But the answer does include that you deserve your best hearing.

The best hearing aid is the one that lets you hear your life, your way.

Because the needs and answers are not the same for everyone, we choose the best options available from the most reputable and major manufacturers, including Oticon, Unitron, Phonak, Siemens, GNResound, Starkey, Widex, MicroTech, and Hansaton.

At Lakewood Hearing, you receive customized listening experiences with hearing aids that are easy to use: you put them in and begin to enjoy being part of conversations.

Lakewood Hearing is centrally located to serve the Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Golden, Arvada, Englewood, Highlands Ranch and the Colorado Front Range areas.

Call for a complimentary consultation to discuss your best options for improved hearing and listening.

*Realistically, some sounds are TOO LOUD. For example, some restaurants are too loud. Some churches have the musical instruments too loud. Movie theaters are too loud. They are just too loud. Hearing aids may not be able to make those intentionally loud sounds soft enough for comfort. The restaurants, churches and other places should turn the noise down.

Lakewood Hearing and Speech is now Modern Audiology!

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