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Hearing Aid Repairs

At Lakewood Hearing, we know a hearing aid repair is an emergency problem for you.  In every case, our goal is to have it repaired quickly, correctly and back in your ear as soon as possible.

hearing aid repairWe repair hearing aids that are dead, weak, intermittent, broken battery doors, broken shells, broken faceplates, volume controls, excessive battery drain, whistling, and other electrical problems.

Sometimes, we can fix the hearing aid in our office.  If we can’t repair it in-house, we can send the hearing aid to an authorized repair facility.

If the hearing aids are under a manufacturer’s warranty, we usually can have it serviced for you by that manufacturer.

If we receive the hearing aid by 2:30 p.m., we will ship it out the same day we receive it. When we ship the aid out to a repair facility, our standard procedure is to use an express service such as FedEx or UPS with no additional charge to you.

We provide repair services for all makes and models of hearing aids.

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