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Hearing Aid Choices

Choosing the right hearing aid is important. It has to be the right fit, right product and right size.

Choosing where you get the right hearing aid is even more important.

  • Professional experience, training, and skills.
  • The easy availability of services to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle.
  • The consistency of the people you see. (We do not rotate professionals through our office.)

Image of a family carrying a kayak.Relationships can suffer because of hearing problems. Asking someone to repeat what is said is frustrating for you and for them. Hearing loss can severely compromise the spontaneity of relationships.

  • Being heard is a part of relationships.
  • Better hearing and listening contributes to relationships.
  • Relationships are something you do.
  • Better hearing provides ongoing nourishment of easier communication in relationships.

Take control of your hearing loss.

  • Greater confidence in noise.
  • Greater competitive advantage.
  • Positive action for less frustration.
  • For healthier living and healthier relationships.

Special Offer
Image of the Lakewood Hearing Guarantee With this special offer, you receive a 4-year repair warranty on specific Oticon, Siemens, or Starkey products.

Call 303-988-7299 and ask Lori to schedule an appointment for you. Offer not available on
previous purchases.

Offer expires January 31, 2013

The hearing technology to live better.

Chose a hearing aid that is:

  • Comfortable
  • Discrete
  • Helpful
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use

We provide:
Highly trained and experienced professionals
Easy scheduling (early morning, late afternoon, evening and weekend appointments available)
The hearing aid products that you need.

Providing hearing aids and hearing testing in the same location since 1990

Image of Randy Smith in a blue shirt and tie.*Randall D. Smith, M.Ed., is a certified speech-language pathologist and a board certified hearing
instrument specialist specializing in communication difficulties related to hearing problems. He
owns Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center. Smith is the senior author of “The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions” (available through Amazon.com)

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