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Best Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aids

Happy senior couple - Best Hearing AidsThe best hearing aids on the market today are likely better than you think. If you have looked into or tried hearing aids years ago and could not tolerate them, it’s time for another look. Technology and design have improved to make today’s best hearing aids:

  • more effective, so sound is clearer even with annoying background noise

  • more attractive, fitting inside your ear with a short wire so they are virtually invisible

  • less intrusive – there is little or NO occlusion incidence, no more hearing yourself talk in your head!

Today’s best hearing aids, like all of the lines we carry at Lakewood Hearing, can not only help bring you back to a fuller and more vibrant social life; they can make things like concerts, radio, telephone and TV much more rewarding experiences than ever before.

So how do you choose the best hearing aids for you? When you come into our office , you receive a questionnaire about:

  • specific problems you are having with your hearing including in which situations and what places

  • goals and motivation for your hearing aid use

  • your previous experience with hearing aids

  • other problems that might affect how you use the hearing aids

We then administer a hearing test. Our hearing tests are conducted in a sound booth that reduces the ambient noise levels for more reliable results. We use electro-acoustic equipment that meets standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Our instruments are calibrated yearly according to ANSI specifications. In short, the more accurate the hearing test, the more apt you are to get the best hearing aids for YOU.

As we discuss the types of hearing aids available to you, we provide information about the features that should be considered, such as:

  • the style (size, shape, and position of the hearing aids)

  • how specific technologies may work for them

  • two hearing aids vs one

  • multiple memories

  • multiple microphones

  • automatic controls vs manual controls

  • volume controls

Again, our goal is to get you fitted to the best hearing aids for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Don’t trust your hearing to just anyone; at Lakewood, we adhere to all of the requirements of the State of Colorado’s Consumer Protection Law and the Food and Drug Administration’s rules regarding the best hearing aids.

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Randall D. Smith – Author