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Affordable Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids Are Now Within Your Reach

Affordable Hearing Aids Are Now Within Your Reach

For many people, the thought of purchasing high-tech hearing aids is daunting. Inherently the luxury of digital must be expensive, right? But what most people don’t realize is that in the last few years technology and competition have converged to create a large selection of very affordable hearing aids.

Today’s modern and affordable hearing aids provide:

  • digital feedback suppression/cancellation systems

  • digital noise reduction technology

  • telecoil or induction systems

  • technologies for specific situations and needs, including loop systems and bluetooth streamers

At Lakewood Hearing & Speech, we discuss your budget and what you can expect from the hearing aids that you can afford. You telling us what you want the hearing aids to do helps us choose high quality and affordable hearing aids for your best hearing.

The Lakewood Hearing & Speech Difference

Many hearing aid outlets have been taken over by manufacturers. With them your choices are limited by what they sell to promote the manufacturer. The same is true for many of the online sellers. Our professional service will make available ALL of the affordable hearing aids that are top quality and specific to your hearing needs, and always digital.

Affordable Hearing AidsWe customize the hearing aids to you instead of having you adapt to the hearing aids. We show you how to incorporate easier hearing into your lifestyle.

When you come in, you receive a questionnaire about:

  • specific problems you are having with your hearing including in which situations and what places

  • goals and motivation for your hearing aid use

  • your previous experience with hearing aids

  • other problems that might affect how you use the hearing aids

Lakewood Hearing & Speech is independently owned and your experience at Lakewood Hearing will give you confidence that you are getting affordable hearing aids that makes sense for your hearing loss.

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