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Testimonial Comments

October 2013
I came to Lakewood Hearing because I bought my hearing aids online and I needed some up close and personal time with a professional who would take the time to visit with me and determine from the visit how my current hearing aids would be better utilized for my specific hearing needs using the technology inside the aids bought online.

Randy surprised me by not trying to get me into another brand or more costly aids but worked with my old ones and with his expertise reprogrammed my aids so that I could hear better….not louder.

Randy was genuine, interesting and informative. I left knowing I had made a good friend and found the one person who would help me hear better.

Even though I purchased nothing from Randy I feel I came out the better person from just being with him. I am sure you will feel that way when you sit with him also.
Best regards,
B.  Scott

C. Woodward
“I can hear so much better. I don’t know why I waited so long. You answered every question I had and I would recommend you to anyone.”

My husband got hearing aids elsewhere. When I told him about how you worked with me, he said, “I wish when I got mine that I had someone like that to take time to answer my questions and help me. You really helped me hear better!
Thank you!

June 2013
Darya M.
My grandmother needed her hearing aid repaired.  We went to Lakewood Hearing and Speech Center. It was truly a great experience. First of all, I was amazed on how easy and pleasant it was to schedule an appointment. Second, once we were there, we received personalized attention; Randy was very patient and thorough. Third, we didn’t feel like his main goal is to sell.

He suggested with several options for us to consider. There was no pressure to buy the most expensive hearing aid on the market like some other hearing aid centers do. We decided to have the hearing aid repaired.

In addition, my grandmother was pleased on how all the work was completed in a timely manner, and the quality of her hearing aid repair was outstanding. She actually says she can hear better now, compared to when her hearing aid was brand new.

We would definitely recommend Lakewood Hearing and Speech center to our family and friends.

March, 2012
“I like Randy because he is approved by my H.M.O. and he attends many conferences in audiology and hearing aids to keep current. He is always available to clean or make adjustments to my aids.” R. Boyle, Denver

January, 2012
“It took only a few minutes in your office for me to understand that I was being helped by and experienced, knowledgeable hearing professional. The relaxed atmosphere in your office put me at ease.” M. Quinn, Boulder

I used the word “resurrection” when I thanked you for what you have done for me.  I don’t know how many people would understand the use of that word unless they had gone through what I did: a complete transition from total deafness to 100% verbal discrimination.

I can easily understand what my family said about my silly grin when I could hear again!

My thanks seem like a weak response for what you have done, but remember that the thanks are given with truly great appreciation.

With great pleasure and awe,
Jahn T, Middleton, WI
P.S.  My wife is happy too!!

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me hear better. The first thing I noticed is that I don’t have to use the closed captioning on the television. I can hear it. At my son’s birthday party with all the noise, I could hear him! My son is so much less frustrated with my hearing problem now because I don’t have to ask him to repeat. Thank you so much for helping.” L. Arnold

“With the hearing aids you suggested for me, I can hear my friends. I can hear in Sunday school and church. I am so pleased with them. I feel like I am alive again. I had started to feel like I was shut out of my life. Now I feel like I’m alive. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  C. Sherrick

“Randy is one of the most caring compassionate persons I know. He is very professional, but extremely caring for the people he works with. At first I was very reluctant to get hearing aids because I didn’t think they would work for me. Randy encouraged me to try. My life has changed because of the hearing aids, especially in my work as a pre-school teacher. I would recommend him to anyone seeking hearing aids.”  J. Rice

“The hearing aids are a real blessing. Thank you.” B. Arnold

“Randy, I will recommend you to anyone who is in need of hearing aids!” F. Bagley

“Randy, thank you for your many kindesse’s to and for me. You are one-in-a-million and that is very good!!! S. Manarchy

“You are very knowledgeable and receptive to my concerns and questions. You provided a straight forward approach to my hearing condition–and also able to work within my budget.” R. Oleson

“With my new hearing aids, I can hear my music better. They also help in the classroom. The background noise is not as bothersome.” M. Yates

“I don’t have to repeat as often!” Mother of M. Yates

“You are very knowledgeable and are receptive to my concerns and questions.  You provide a straight-forward approach to my hearing condition.  You were able to work within my budget.  Thanks.”

“I want to thank you for your wonderful help in getting my hearing aids.  I will surely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a hearing aid.  Thank you for your wonderful program.”

Updated: March 2012


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