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About  Lakewood Hearing and Speech

Our mission is to help people with mild to severe hearing problems hear and understand speech more easily. We specialize in working with first-time hearing aid users.


  • Certified
  • Licensed
  • Experienced

Over 40 years experience in hearing and communication services

  • Warm, friendly, and personal attention
  • No high-pressure sales or intimidation
  • We take time to understand what works and does not work for you
  • Non-threatening

The Lakewood Hearing Guarantee 

What we do and what to expect from the audiologists at Lakewood Hearing and Speech.

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Lakewood Hearing    
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Randall D. Smith
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We listen to your needs and your budget!

Offering a total commitment to our patients with solutions for the most difficult hearing problems;

  • Relaxed solutions for the first-time user
  • A range of pricing options
  • Extended warranty options
  • Our comprehensive hearing aid trial and evaluation program assures satisfaction
  • Complete electronic hearing evaluations
  • Video otoscopy–see the inside of your ear canal
  • State-of-the-art hearing instruments, featuring the most recent advances in digital technology
  • A full selection of hearing aid brands and models at competitive prices
  • A convenient hearing aid repair
  • Unlimited follow-up services