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Easily Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life with No Added Cost

Student makes discovery when it comes to extending hearing aid battery life…

Improve Hearing Aid Battery LifeEthan Manuell an 8th grade student from Rochester, Minnesota discovered that hearing aid battery life could improve: Please see video below.

Ethan Manuell is an audiology patient at Olmsted County Medical Center …
Please see Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life video below.

Hearing aid wearer are familiar with the need to change batteries often so information about Ethans’s discovery to extend the life of hearing aid batteries has been well received. The discovery was the result of Ethan Manuell’s science project and his interest came because he wears hearing aids himself.

How to Extend Hearing Aid Battery Life Discovered by Student:

Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life Video 

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Ethan Manuell

Soon-to-be high school freshman Ethan has never allowed his hearing loss to slow him down.  The first runner-up of his 8th grade class and an accomplished musician, Ethan used his own hearing loss and experience with hearing devices to inspire his research for his school’s Science Fair project.

Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life - student-ethan-manuellHis study, “The Effect of Wait Time on the Lifespan of Hearing Aid Batteries” was called “a discovery that a PhD at an academic mecca would be proud of” (KARE-TV).    Ethan found that hearing aid batteries can last up to 85% longer when left exposed to air for five minutes before being inserted into a hearing aid.

His discovery has the potential to benefit 7 million hearing device users. Ethan was just hoping for a good grade on his science project.

In fact, he went on to the regional and Minnesota state science fair and even won a prestigious US Naval Science Award.

Thank You Ethan Manuell!! For your discovery of how to Improve Hearing Aid Battery Life at No Added Cost!!