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A New Mid-priced Oticon Product is at Lakewood Hearing & Speech Now

By Randall D. Smith

Image of - Oticon Nera Hearing AidsOticon Nera Hearing Aids

Nera is a full-line of products from the small custom completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids through to the full-sized in-the-ear hearing aid. It also comes in the range of behind-the-ear hearing aids.

For my liking, it also comes in the very comfortable receiver-in-the-ear style.

The Nera is the latest hearing aid released using the advanced signal processing Inium chip.

The Nera is a budget priced. The Nera hearing aids provide greater performance that result in less listening effort for you. It’s highly personalized features are focused on you and your hearing needs.

If you’ve been considering hearing aids, this is the one to consider!

In addition, the design of the Nera is shaped around you and is personalized specifically for you.

Everything the hearing aid does is designed to provide a better solution for hearing and the ease of listening, even in more difficult listening situations. That’s what everyone wants—to hear more easily in groups of people where life happens.

Spatial sound is important to help you know where a sound is coming from. We hear with two ears. With Spatial Sound, the two hearing aids work together to help you hear with two ears. Spatial Sound processing has been available only in the premium priced products until now. This is first time it is available in the mid-range priced hearing aids.

Image of Randall D. Smith during hearing patient exam - Oticon Nera Hearing AidsPersonalization in mid-level products is important because every person experiences sounds differently. The personalization allows the hearing professional to craft a sound for the patient’s preferences in how the hearing aids work for them, especially in a difficult and complex listening situation.

The Nera gives great hearing performance that result in a more comfortable listening experience for you. The personalization of the Nera for your preferences leads to greater comfort and satisfaction.

The Nera is available now through Lakewood Hearing & Speech. The best way to find out if the Nera is a good option for you is to call for an appointment for a demonstration of the NERA.

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There is no charge for the hearing screening and demonstration.

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Randall D. Smith – Author