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Choose the Hearing Aid that Makes Sense!

“If you wanted to test every hearing aid that’s available, it would take months,” says Randall D. Smith, owner of Lakewood Hearing and senior author of “The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions. “The sheer number of competitor’s offerings is astonishing. The marketplace seems so over-crowded that it’s difficult for a product to really stand out. We help you find the one best for you because we’re here to help you hear!”

Image of Two Couples Dining Out - © Scott Griessel - Fotolia.com - Choose the Hearing Aid That Makes SenseMany hearing aid outlets in this area have been taken over by manufacturers. Those groups sell hearing aids made by that manufacturer or its subsidiaries. Your choices are limited by what they sell to promote the manufacturer.  (The same is true for many of the online sellers. It may appear that they sell many brands, they may actually nudge you to select the brand of their owner/manufacturer.)

The opportunities seem to be endless. We’re here to help you hear.

Beyond the products, you should consider the services that are required to get the most out of the hearing aids. You want to get the most benefit from the hearing aid you choose.

Hearing aids come with so many features.  Which ones do you need? Which ones do you want? How can you decide? We can help you choose a hearing aid that makes sense for you.

Feature rich hearing aids are beneficial. But what combination of features do you need for the hearing aid to become an easy part of your life?

You want someone:
1.  with experience and training to help you
2.  who listens to your wants and needs
3.  who knows the range of hearing aid products that are available for your hearing loss
4.  who can choose from the full-range of products (not be limited to one or two manufacturers)
5.  who can give you the products you want
6.  who doesn’t just try to sell you the “luxury” priced hearing aid

The experience and training of the hearing health professional is very important. You want someone who knows the available products. You want someone who can select from a range of products to give you the options you want. You want someone who listens to your wants and needs.

You want someone who can provide the testing, products, as well as the follow up services. Lakewood Hearing is independently owned but we can choose hearing products from any of the major manufacturers. The recommendations for your hearing aids are based upon your hearing needs.

The experience available through Lakewood Hearing provides you with confidence that you are getting the hearing aid that makes sense for your hearing loss, preferences, and budget.

We’re here to help you hear.©

By Randall D. Smith

The Hearing Aid Decision -  book cover pictureThe Hearing Aid Decision” by Randall D. Smith, M.Ed., Jerome G. Alpiner, Ph.D., and Megan Mulvey, B.A., is available through better bookstores or online outlets such as Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com, or Lakewood Hearing.

Randall D. Smith – Author

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