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iPhone/iPad Facetime Technology

Almost two years ago I reported on the innovation of the new iPhone’s Facetime service. I said, “There are new telephone capabilities that allow those with a hearing loss to communicate more easily with their friends and families.”

I had only read about it and seen a YouTube video of it, but I had not actually used it. Now I have used the video phone service with an iPhone and iPad as well as with a personal computer. It is truly remarkable.

Video phone service with iPhone/iPad Facetime Technology and/or a personal computer is truly remarkable!

Photo of Asian woman listening to music - iPhone/iPad Facetime TechnologyThe ability to talk with someone while seeing them is something just short of a miracle. The clarity of the video and audio, assuming a good internet connection on both ends of the system, is great. It’s almost as though the person on the other end is standing behind a glass window in the next room. The picture is clear and sharp. The audio is clear and sharp.

For someone with a hearing problem, they are able to see the person as they are speaking as well as hear them. Both the visual and hearing senses can be used to improve the ease of listening and communication.

If you do not have iPhone/iPad Facetime Technology, two other options that you can use with your personal computer are Zoom video conferencing or Skype.

Photo of Young Man Listening to Music with Headphones - digital hearing technology, iPhone/iPad Facetime Technology, Zoom video conferencing, Skype, Apple FacetimeTo use Zoom or Skype, it is necessary to register, but there is no charge to register or use the basic services. You will need an internet connection and a web camera (which is a one-time cost from $30 and up at an office or computer supply store).

All of these services are pretty easy to set up and to use. You may have to ask a grandchild or a neighbor’s child to help set it up, but once you get the hang of it, you will find your use of the phone will be more comfortable and enjoyable.
Also, there are no long distance phone charges!

If you have difficulty talking with your family or friends on the telephone, consider trying Facetime, Zoom, or Skype.

Give iPhone/iPad Facetime Technology a try. I think you will find your hearing abilities on the phone will be greatly enhanced when you can see who you’re talking with.

This is updated info to our 2011 Post: New iPhone Facetime Technology brings innovation for those who have hearing loss, hearing aids or are deaf

These improvements in telephone technology allows those who have a hearing loss, wear hearing aids, or are deaf to communicate more easily, quickly, and effectively.

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