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Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Image of Randall D. Smith during hearing patient exam - hearing lossThe most common causes of hearing loss are noise, aging, disease, and heredity and is one of the common conditions that affects older adults. Men typically are more likely to have hearing loss and makes it more difficult to have a conversation with family and friends. It can add to levels of frustration or embarrassment about not being able to hear.

Appropriate hearing aids are choices for improving the ease of hearing and listening.

NIH Senior Health Article


Presbycusis, hearing loss that occurs as you age, occurs gradually. The symptoms include muffled speech sounds, frequently asking other to repeat, or avoiding some social activities. It is estimated that more than 30% of persons between the ages of 65 and 75 have a hearing loss. Presbycusis is non-reversible, but steps can be taken to improve your hearing and listening. Hearing aids can give a greater sense of independence and self-confidence.

Mayo Clinic on Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Deafness are two different conditions for communication.

Image of Mother and Daughter Holding a Bouquet of Flowers - hearing loss With a reduction of hearing sensitivity for some sounds and impacts ones ability to communicate.

The hearing loss affects the ability to listen easily.

Deafness is a complete loss of hearing.


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