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Image of Marriot hotel room - Hearing Aids, DenverWhen I check into a hotel, I look around for the nearest exits to my room. I quickly review the escape routes that are posted on the inside of the door. I want to have a plan of what I will do if there’s an emergency.

But what about an emergency plan for persons who have a hearing loss? There are no posted suggestions for them. Here are some suggestions.

The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires hotels to provide reasonable accommodations to anyone with a hearing loss for any service they provide to people with normal hearing.

When you make reservations, inform the hotel of your needs. Be specific of what will meet your needs.

Consider requesting a room on a lower floor. Ask that, if there is an emergency, someone from the hotel staff will assure that you are safe or evacuated. If you are on a lower floor, fire and rescue personnel to can get to you with less endangerment for you and themselves. Your safety is a priority.

If you need accommodations for visual and tactile fire alarms, telephones, or alarm clocks with flashing lights, request them! If you need a signaling device that someone is at the door, request it. If you need a television with with a hearing loop, assistive listening device, or closed captioning, request it.

When you request these items, you are not only receiving reasonable accommodations for yourself, but you are also positively encouraging the hotel to be aware of the needs that others may have.

Image of HotelHowever, even in the best of circumstances, some of the devices provided through the hotels may not be available or may not be functioning properly.

Jay Tinglum, Au.D., of ADCO Hearing Products  says “I recommend that you ask the hotel about the availability of the items you need. Be specific of what you need. Don’t assume that the front desk person knows what you need. Show appreciation to the facilities and staff that provide the items. Give them feedback about the benefits (and possible limitations) of the equipment.”

Dr. Tinglum continues with, “Plan ahead for unforeseen problems. Always have a back-up plan. Your safety is your number one priority.”

For additional information about alarm clocks and notifiers with visual and tactile alerts (or other needs) check out ADCO Hearing Products. They have a range of products that to help meet your needs.

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