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Image of Mother and Daughter Holding a Bouquet of FlowersA person’s earning power may be linked to hearing ability, according to the nonprofit Better Hearing Institute (BHI). From a national survey, the BHI concluded that people who have an untreated hearing loss may see as much as a $30,000 reduction in their income.

This is big news for the millions of hearing-impaired Americans who hold down jobs. By BHI estimates, approximately 6 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 have some degree of hearing loss; undoubtedly, a large percentage of these individuals are employed. Also, many people beyond traditional retirement age remain in the workforce, either by choice or because of financial need.

Of the estimated 36 million Americans who have some degree of hearing loss, about three out of four do not seek treatment. Besides potentially cutting into an individual’s earning power, untreated hearing loss adds up to about $176 billion in lost income across the country, due to under-employment, says the BHI.

hearing aid decision book cover picture“Good hearing in the workplace translates to a lot of benefits, including higher productivity, better communication and increased safety,” asserts Randall D. Smith, senior author of The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions and owner of Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center. “Now we know it may also boost a person’s income.”

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