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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lakewood Hearing & Speech certified to offer revolutionary new hearing system from Hansaton

November 6, 2012 – Denver, CO – Lakewood Hearing & Speech is pleased to announce the addition of the new AQ X-Mini hearing aids from Hansaton to our product line.

Top-Performance Rechargeable Hearing Aids from Hansaton

“One of the great innovations of the Hansaton’s hearing aid products include the availability of a rechargeable battery,” says Randall D. Smith, owner of Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center. “The rechargeable battery holds a charge for up to 20 hours. With such a long lasting charge, AQ X-Mini wearers really never have to worry about replacing hearing aid batteries again. This high-end digital hearing aid has features and benefits that are hidden in a tiny receiver. It represents a combination of benefits that hearing aid users have never experienced before.”

“Life becomes easier for persons having trouble opening battery doors, changing small batteries, or operating small switches on hearing aids. The sealed rechargeable battery system is easy to use. For example, I have used this system for persons with Parkinson’s disease. Hearing aid use is easier because there is no need to open a battery door and replace a small battery.” said Smith. “This rechargeable hearing aid battery system improves the quality of life for people with problems such as arthritis, loss of a hand, or diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Improved ease and quality of life is our goal.”

The AQ X-Mini is the first hearing aid that combines a rechargeable battery system with modern design and superior digital performance. Just slip the hearing aid into its convenient Charging Station, and the charge cycle is initiated automatically – no switches to worry about. When placed in the charger, the hearing aid turns itself off automatically. The battery is self-contained so you never even have to touch a battery and it’s power never diminishes over time. And the battery has a five-year warranty.

Simplicity, reliability and technology are hallmarks of the new Hansaton hearing aids. They are available in custom models that fit in-the-ear or with receiver-in-the-canal. The hearing aids come in three levels of digital technology to match any one’s lifestyle and budget.

For more information about how the Hansaton hearing system may work for you, contact Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center at 303-988-7299

Top-Performance Rechargeable Hearing Aids Now Available at Lakewood Hearing and Speech

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