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Every parents nightmare!!!!

Image of Angry, Frustrated Woman“Mom…..I forgot to take my hearing aids out of my pocket and they went through the washing machine!”

This is the phrase our daughter Mackenzie cried out 3 days before she was due to leave for a 3 week trip to Uganda. It was a Sunday night and having recently moved to Colorado, we didn’t even have a local audiologist. We went online and reached out on as many sites that we could, but nothing was open on a Sunday night.

Our daughter was in tears and we knew her chances of getting the hearing aids fixed so that she coulImage of Dice - Double 6 rolld experience all of the sounds of Africa were next to zero. Then the phone rang. It was Randall Smith from the Lakewood Hearing and Speech Center and he was calling to give us any help he could. He gave us some pointers to try and then told us that he would be at the office early the next day. If the suggestion didn’t work, we could meet him there in the morning and he would drop everything and help us right away. One of the hearing aids worked by morning, thanks to spending the night in a cup of rice, but one still didn’t work.

Image of 4 balloons - red blue orange and greenWe arrived at Lakewood Hearing and Speech center the next morning and Randy met us there with a smile. He tried to do his own fixes, but when that didn’t work, he knew the hearing aid needed to be sent all the way to Minneapolis. He called the company to ensure that if he sent them away that day, Monday, they would have the hearing aid back to his clinic by Wednesday afternoon. Our daughter was due to leave on Thursday morning. With our fingers crossed, we left the dead hearing aid in his office. With much relief, we got a call from Randy’s office on Wednesday afternoon that the hearing aid arrived and worked!!

Our daughter will never forget the many sounds she heard in Africa, and we have Randy and Lakewood Hearing Center to thank for it!

Becky B.