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I read something recently about stress. The article said that stress increases the likelihood of making mistakes. The article did not say this, but I think that making mistakes increases  the likelihood of stress. There are many definitions of stress. Most definitions include a feeling that important aspects of your life are outside of your control.

Image of Healthy man sitting on a chairAs I work with people who have developed a hearing loss as they age, their ability to function easily in everyday conversations with their spouse or grandchildren is affected. Not being able to hear and understand their spouse or grandchildren causes uncertainty in hearing. That uncertainty causes stress.

The fear of embarrassment by making a mistake and misunderstanding what someone said–especially if the result is everyone laughing at them–is a significant stressor.

Stresses can be in the form of emotional and physical responses. They can be acute or chronic. In either form, they can have a negative impact on the heart and vascular system.

A hearing loss and the problems it causes are not outside of your control. You can do something about the problems caused by a hearing loss.

Your better hearing is a sign of strength.

Suggestions for preventing and managing stress in your life.

  1. If a hearing problem is present, have your hearing tested. If hearing aids are recommended, use them. Hearing aids are a tool to ease the difficulties you have in communication. For more information on hearing tests or to contact us click here.
  2. Exercise into each day.
  3. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  4. Do not smoke.
  5. Use alcohol only in moderation.
  6. Quiet time, meditation, prayer, reading, yoga, and relaxation techniques including biofeedback can help in stress management.
  7. Family, friends, and fellow workers can provide needed support. Talking about problems can help to express feelings and reduce conflict.
  8. If you have heart disease, your doctor may prescribe medication to help lower the heart rate and control abnormal heart rhythms.

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