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Please call 303-988-7299 for your free hearing test appointment.

“No Pressure” free hearing check




Free Hearing Test and Hearing Checkup

  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessment
  • Free Consultation and Hearing Aid Demonstration
  • You decide your options

We offer a Large Selection of Hearing Aids from multiple lines of hearing aid manufacturers.  This allows you to benefit from recommendations chosen to best meet your hearing needs, wants and likes.

We offer a Better Hearing Guarantee
With our comprehensive assessment process, we are able to suggest the products that will best meet your hearing needs and offer a Better Hearing Guarantee.

  •     Free Consultation and Hearing Aid Demonstration
  •     Comprehensive Assessment
  •     Large Hearing Aid Selection
  •     Money back guarantee if not satisfied
  •     Current digital hearing aid technologies

Call Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center at 303-988-7299 for a free hearing check appointment.
(Convenient evening appointments available.)