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You will get the best hearing aids!

1. When you come in, you receive a questionnaire about:

  • problems you are having with your hearing including
  • specific problem situations
  • specific places
  • specific people
  • general health concerns (if you have symptoms of a medical condition
  • affecting your hearing, we refer you to your physician)
  • goals for hearing aid use

2. Our hearing tests are conducted in a sound booth that reduces the
ambient noise levels for a more accurate and reliable hearing test. We use electroacoustic equipment that meets standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Our instruments are calibrated yearly according to ANSI and/or the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. During the hearing test and consultation we gather information about:

  • your previous experience with hearing aids
  • your motivation to use hearing aids
  • vision problems
  • manual dexterity and finger sensitivity for small objects
  • memory and cognitive problems
  • other problems that might affect how they may use the hearing aids

4. As we discuss and consider the types of hearing aids that may be
suggested, we provide information about the features that should be
considered, such as:

  • the style (size, shape, and position of the hearing aids)
  • how specific technologies may work for them
  • two hearing aids vs one
  • multiple memories
  • multiple microphones
  • automatic controls vs manual controls
  • volume controls
  • digital feedback suppression/cancellation systems
  • digital noise reduction technology
  • telecoil or induction systems
  • technologies for specific situations and needs, including loop
  • systems, bluetooth streamers, assistive listening devices, alerting,
  • and/or signaling devices
  • ease or difficulty in using a particular hearing system

5. We can demonstrate the benefits (and limitations) of hearing aids

6. We discuss what you expect from hearing aids. YOU telling us what you want the hearing aids to do for you lets us to make suggestions to give you the best hearing possible. It also allows us to assist you in developing realistic expectations of the hearing aids.

These general guidelines help us provide you with high quality and affordable hearing aids and professional services for your best hearing.

In addition, we adhere to all of the requirements of the State of Colorado’s Consumer Protection Law and the Food and Drug Administration’s rules regarding hearing aids. We follow generally accepted guidelines established by organizations such as the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, and the American Academy of Audiology. These guidelines assist in the selection, verification, and validation of appropriate hearing aids.

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