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ReSound Hearing Aids
Resound LogoThere are many things to like about Resound hearing aids. They are simple to use. They are small, discreet and comfortable. They work well in background noise. Voices sound natural and are clear, rich, and vibrant.

There are two things that are extraordinary with the Resound Alera hearing aids:

  1. The ReSound Unite wireless accessories for watching TV are second to none. They are great!  All it requires is a transmitter that hooks to your TV. Then everyone with the ReSound wireless feature on their hearing aids are able to hear the TV. There are no other external devices that must be worn. It’s a pretty cool system. I really like this system because it is so easy to use. You push a button on the hearing aid and you’re good to go. Another feature that makes them better than TVEars is that you are able to listen to television AND have a conversation with others in the room at the same time.
  2. The second extraordinary feature is the water-resistant coating called iSolate. It helps you keep the hearing clean and out of the repair shop.

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