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Whatever your professional, amateur, or recreational needs are for ear mold impressions, we can provide them for you.

We make ear impressions that you can send in to your favorite in-ear monitor company, such as Ultimate Ears, DRM EARZ, MicroSonic, Future Sonics, Sensaphonics, and others. Or we can order.

There are a wide range of products and specifications that you may request.

Quality impressions with comfort, fit, and performance in mind.

  • A variety of impression materials depending upon the specific needs. (Tell us when you make the appointment if there is a specific type of impression material necessary. If some reason we don’t have it in stock, we will obtain it.)
  • Impressions are made beyond the second bend, as the ear canal size and shape allows.
  • Impressions are made with open-mouth, closed-mouth, clenched or chewing positions, as appropriate or requested.

Products are available, such as:

  • Musician’s ear plugs
  • Police communication ear molds
  • Musician’s in-ear monitors
  • Personal iPod/mp3 earbuds
  • Race car communication ear molds
  • TV/radio communication ear molds
  • Personal sleep ear molds
  • Hunter’s products
  • Occupational noise reduction plugs
  • Swim plugs/molds
  • Recreational noise plugs
  • Pilot communications

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