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November 1, 2011
Contact: Randall Smith, M.Ed
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November 1, 2011 – Denver, CO – Randall Smith, M.Ed, announced today that the Spanish version of The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions, written by Smith, Dr. Jerome G. Alpiner and Megan Mulvey, was recently released in Spain. CLAVE, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with hearing impairment spearheaded the translation.

Published in the United States in 2007, The Hearing Aid Decision was written to guide individuals through the often complicated and confusing process of determining if hearing loss is a problem and if hearing amplification is a viable solution.”Often when someone becomes aware of a hearing problem, they are unsure what is involved in seeking help or where to start. We’ve put the process into everyday language,” said Smith.

In 11 easy-to-read chapters, the book addresses common concerns from those with listening and hearing problems and their friends and families who may be involved in the hearing aid decision. Information on how to assess hearing, how to purchase and care for hearing aids and how to adjust to new hearing aids is all covered. Smith adds, “We provide information to assist in the journey toward better hearing.”

The Hearing Aid Decision melds with CLAVE’s mission to provide information on relevant aspects of audiology, speech therapy and the education of people with hearing-impairment to improve their access to information in different settings (family, education, society, work). “We are grateful to the authors for giving us the permission to translate their work that will undoubtedly be of great value to the many native Spanish speakers with hearing impairment that feel somewhat lost when looking for professional help,” said Svante Borjesson, General Director of CLAVE. “We aim to provide practical and useful information to all Spanish speakers through our web www.oiresclave.org and this book certainly fits our objective.”

About CLAVE: CLAVE is a charity established to improve the lives of people with hearing impairment living mainly, but not exclusively, in Spain. CLAVE was registered as a charity in England and Wales in November 2007 and in early 2008 it opened its offices in Spain, from where it carries out its main program of activities. The main focus of the charity is to inform and help train those professionals who are involved in the diagnosis, amplification, intervention and education of people with hearing-impairment. Simultaneously, CLAVE collaborates with authorities and institutions to facilitate social understanding of the problems related to hearing loss, and to cooperate in adopting the necessary measures for their treatment.

The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions may be obtained through Amazon.com or by calling 303-988-7299