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New iPhone brings innovation for those who have hearing loss, hearing aids or are deaf

Randall D. Smith of Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center said, “There are new telephone capabilities that allow those with hearing problems to communicate more easily with their friends and families.”

iPhone Facetime Technology
photo of Asian woman listening to musicOne such technology is called FaceTime. FaceTime is available on the Apple iPhone 4s and iPhone 4. FaceTime lets you see the person you are talking with. This works well for those who communicate with sign language or use lip reading to help understand the message. The fast frame rate and high quality video of the phones make this possible. Video calls can be placed using wi-fi or the phone’s 3G connection.

Lipreading is an important part of communicating and comprehending everyday conversation. When we see the mouth and face of the speaker, it is easier to understand what has been said–even if you miss some of the sounds of speech. The telephone’s ability to allow lipreading can improve the ease of communication via the telephone.

Photo of Young Man Listening to Music with HeadphonesAnother innovation is the iMessage. It is a new messaging service for iOS 5 users. It allows unlimited text messages, including text, photos, and videos, can be sent to anyone with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

The new iPhone also allows the use of closed captioning and subtitling. Now captions can be used on the iPhone just as then can be used on the television.

The iPhone audio capability allows the user to place both left and right channel audio into both earbuds. Thus someone with a hearing loss in one ear can hear both channels in each earbud. They also have the ability to adjust the volume balance between the two channels.

The iPhone can also be used in a TTY mode to communicate with the standard TTY machines. This does require an optional TTY adapter that is available through an Apple Store.

“These improvements in telephone technology allows those who have a hearing loss, wear hearing aids, or are deaf to communicate more easily, quickly, and effectively,” said Smith.

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