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WE participate in The Foundation For Sight & Sound and our Fall Event will take place Nov 2, 2011

Help America Hear Program – Hearing Aid Mission
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The Help America Hear Program works by people applying for hearing aids individually or on a group-basis through our Hearing Aid Missions
The Foundation For Sight & Sound is proud of its accomplishments nationwide as we continue to grow and provide a better quality of life for men, women & children with vision and/or hearing challenges.Our lead program, Help America Hear, continues to change the lives of people with hearing loss.   The program has provided the Gift of Sound, almost 400 hearing aids, to people across the nation!  A special thanks to the many hearing health care professionals who have donated their time and expertise to make this happen. We’d also like to extend a special thanks for our participating hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound for the company’s continued generosity and commitment to the Help America Hear Program.

Contact the Foundation For Sight & Sound office at 631-366-3461 for more information.

Thanks so much for your continued support.
Mitch Shapiro
Foundation For Sight and Sound