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Hearing Device Shows Potential to Motivate People Reluctant to Wear Hearing Aids

International Study Indicates Advanced Technology in Oticon Intiga Delivers Immediate Benefits and Immediate Acceptance by First-time Users

“It is estimated that many people who could benefit from hearing aids often wait up to ten years before they seek professional help,” states Randall D. Smith of Lakewood Hearing & Speech Center in Lakewood, Colorado.

Among those who try hearing instruments for the first time, acceptance can be slow and rejection rates high.

Now, a new advanced technology hearing device from Oticon, Inc. shows the potential to deliver immediate benefits and motivate immediate acceptance by people new to hearing amplification. Results of a multi-center international study with first-time users conducted by researchers at Towson University in Baltimore, MD and Hörzentrum in Oldenburg, Germany suggest that Oticon Intiga provided first time users with immediate and obvious benefits. The study also showed that although it is widely accepted that people new to hearing devices usually take a longer time to accept amplification, participants in the international study immediately accepted new Intiga.

The Towson and Oldenburg study participants reported experiencing immediate and obvious benefits in a variety of key performance areas including comfort in ear, comfort with loud sounds, one-on-one conversation in quiet and speech in noise that resulted in immediate acceptance by the first-time users. In addition, within the first week of the study, the majority of the participants indicated a determination to wear their new hearing instruments long term.

“Hearing devices, no matter how advanced their technology, provide no benefit ‘in the drawer’,” says Smith, referring to industry studies showing that 1 out of 10 of those who purchase hearing aids never wear them – a number estimated at nearly 1 million people in the US alone (MarketTrak VIII, 2011). “With Oticon Intiga, we aim to create an immediate ‘now effect” – immediate and obvious benefits from the start that motivate rapid acceptance and long term use.”

The acceptance and potential for long term use of hearing solutions is significant in the treatment of a health condition that can significantly impact quality of life. Untreated hearing loss can lead to increased frustration, fatigue, and social withdrawal and strain personal and professional relationships. Hearing loss can also inhibit an individual’s earning capacity.

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